Rally knitted rally mittens

They said on the weather channel -”It’s going to start snowing”. Oh no, I had to rally knit a pair of mittens for my husband and crochet a cap for my daughter.

Haven’t knitted mittens for many years and didn’t have a pattern, had to invent along the way. Second mitten was all about counting and comparing with the first one. Knitted while talking all day first at a café with my friends, later with the parents at my daughters gymnastics training and while watching TV at night. Really late last night when I looked down on the finished pair of mittens I saw with horror ……..two right hand mittens…….. just to rip and start over…

Finished Rally knitted Rally mittens – now with one for each hand :-)


2 Responses to “Rally knitted rally mittens”

  1. Nina Johansson Says:
    november 15th, 2007 at 14:59

    Your knitted stuff looks so great! Önskar att jag åxå kunde sticka, men jag fixar bara sockar. Efter mycket svett, stånk och stön, känns som om jag måste lära på nytt varje gång. Roligt att du hittade till min blogg, nu hittade ju jag till din också. Fina saker här!

  2. suzanne Says:
    november 15th, 2007 at 16:10

    Oh…you make me want to learn to knit. I love the racing stripe!

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