Mini craft project

Still in bed. Mini-crafted a crocheted bracelet for my wrist watch. Six mini granny squares, held together with sterling silver rings. Not very practical… but maybe cute.

No crafting today – I've got the influenza

The winner is Allison!

For it to be fair and (granny)square I used and the winner is Allison.
Thank you all for participating !
It was fun, must do it again sometime :-)

Granny square rug Give away – last days to post

While I’m at the Gallery working with other things than crafting over the weekend, I would love if you entered my Give Away.
Just comment at the post about it before Sunday 00:00 o’clock the night to Monday (the 28th)this weekend. (Stockholm time).

Back to work (only 3 days)

I work part time at a big Gallery in town. Thursday & the weekend I am going back for a ‘guest appearance’ (I’m on maternity leave now) to work at the yearly BIG Spring exhibition. We are expecting over 1000 visitors. I’ve been working with this for some years now – people can drive you crazy :)
If you are interested in the comic format – this is my comic-website where some of my comics are posted.

Click the image to enlarge it for a better view

Scary wallpaper-crochet

Update on crocheted wallpaper project:
OH NOOO! This is getting really scary! The colors just don’t translate well from the wall to cotton yarn. It looked so good when the yarn wasn’t crocheted – but now it’s hideous.
(it’s even worse in this blue-tint Swedish winter non-proper-daylight image)
These wool yarns looks much better! Going with this yarn/color-sample to the local yarn store tomorrow and see if they have something in cotton in these colors.
I give this project one more chance – if it failes – it’s ”in-the-cupboard-under-some-other-scaryprojectstuff” and forget about it.


Hello Craft Lovers!


Couldn’t resist to make some custom pacifiers at (languages at that site: Swedish, English, German & Danish).

Took approximately 50 photos, but all of them were out of focus because she tried to grab the camera all the time.

In the Crochet twilight-zone

- Sorry, your card was declined…
- Ok, take this and crochet me a beer please.
- There you go…
- Thanks, cheers mate!


Second owl – is this a start on a collection?

Today this little guy came to our home with the post . He is a Christmas gift from my work associates over at Swedish Marketing Federation.

Is this a sign that I shall start a collection?

Who wants to explore the universe of LOOM-flowers with me?

I have seen this flowers, made with something called a loom-plate, in several craft books from the 70′s. It looks fantastic an I want to try it out. I’m wondering if enyone else want to discover the loom-flower-technique with me? If you want to join in or if you already are working with this technique, I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email or comment here and we can start exploring this together.
I would love to get some tips on where to find out more about these flowers.
Image source: Virka nr 12, Model by: Carin Rehn, ISBN 91-552-0938-6 SEMIC förlags AB (Swedish crochet magazine form the 70′s)

Couldn’t find any loom-plates that had movable pegs so I’m going to start experimenting with this knitting-loom. I will post my trial & errors here in my blog. I’m very curious about yours too. :-)