Crocheted ATM-machine kept falling over


Cotton yarn, starched with sugarwater

This is the full size (approx 80cm, 32″) TV/VHS-player & video cassette that I started with when I did the VHS piece I posted the other day. In the end I only used the cassette on its own. It’s a much better piece without the TV/player. But this showes the level of my filet crochet period. I think this theme was my warm concern for old ladies in this technique developed society or something like that.
My 70 years old friend Birgitta always wanted me to go with her to the ATM – so I crocheted a full size ATM-machine (cash machine). But it kept falling over all the time so I never showed it. At the top of the crochet madness :-) I even recall asking my brothers girlfriend (now wife) if I could use her car (?) as a mold for a filetcrochet Car…..
At that time my right arm started to feel like it was melting so I put the hook away :-)
Couldn’t find any pics of the ATM-machine. Found this sketch I did of me and Birgitta when we had our Art-studio scholarships at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris 2001. I’m the hedgehog on the left with the colorful sneakers :-)

Hedgehogs at the cash machine, ink & Copic marker. Paris 2001

2 Responses to “Crocheted ATM-machine kept falling over”

  1. VB Says:
    mars 4th, 2008 at 23:17

    Så detta är igelkotteserien jag hört så mycket om…! :) But I’m a bit confused as to why the crocheted ATM would fall over – aren’t they usually wall-mounted?

  2. CBS Says:
    mars 7th, 2008 at 9:27

    VB it was an ATM more like this onethat stands, or are intended to stand:-), on its own.