I miss Paris

Working with a big web-project today. Took a break and visited my blog-roll favorites. Found this tip to add borders to your images (online service) at How about orange‘s delicious blog.

It’s a sketch I made in Paris of me & Birgitta as hedgehogs again :), also taking a break, at a café in Marait where we lived. I wish I was there now…..
Back with some more crafting without the computer soon! Se you later.. /Inger Carina

Blue Guy's visit to Stockholm

If you want to see the images from Blue Guy’s adventures in Stockholm, Working Mom Knits has posted them over at her blog. These pictures was taken when it still was the warmest winter in 250 years. Stockholm in the spring! Now it’s a normal winter, but to late. Brrr. It took us 10 hours to drive home 400km yesterday (normally 4-5h) Nearly had to stay over night in Norrköping because of the traffic/snow chaos.

Crocheted wallpaper continues

Continuing the task to try to crochet something that resembles my beloved bedroom wallpaper. I went agains my principles, to not buy new material (have to much already in stock) and bought two new colors that are closer to the ones on the wall than the ones I had in my stash. Getting closer now. It starts to look a little bit like the wallpaper .
The snow reflects the sunshine so the colors becomes very vibrant in the image. Took it outside on this sunny ”winter”(!?) day at Öland.


This vacation I brought some Craft projects. Happy Easter!

We are at our summer home on the beautiful island Öland, south east (400km) of Stockholm. This vacation I didn’t forget to bring some craft projects. When we came yesterday it was spring and nice. But now it’s a snowstorm !(?).

If you like vitage craft you have to visit this blog!

You just have to visit Cathy of California‘s blog! She is posting images from the funniest vintage 50-70′s craftbooks I have ever seen!! :-D
She is also heavy in to loom flowers. It’s a great blog!

More Loom flower Daisies

I don’t know where I’m going with this experiment yet.  Made small Daisies out of thick wool yarn (Lovikka). This yarn is normally used for really heavy winter mittens.
I like them better without the green border.
On to the next! See you soon!


No more gLoomy days! It’s spring!

Have been thinking hard about what to do with the loom flower project I wanted to start. Sketching about it. Nothing felt right. Until I did this sketch. This is a typical Inger project isn’t it? Fun to make but makes no sense at all.
Can I pull this off, wearing this swim cap? Can you see me at the beach this summer? :-D
I love Daisies. They are so sweet looking. Had a couple of rolls of plastic ribbon (don’t know the word for this product in english). Made a test and it was so much fun! Ended up with a little pile of plastic Daisies.



This makes me SOOO happy!!! Look at this cap! I love it. Have to buy a green swimsuit :-D.


I have so much to do right now. I'm sorry.

Hello my friends. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything lately but I have so much to do right now. I start to see the end of it now so I hope to be able to Craft in a couple of days.
Thank you all for checking in on me!
Wish I could craft………… sooooon
Kind regards
Inger Carina