Colorful Skirt Parade

Colorful Slirt Parade

It turnes out that I have a particular fondness for the same garment but in different prints ! :)
Here is a clothes line from this summer with a colorful skirt parade.

Colorful prints, skirts on a clothing line
I made them all out of 100% cotton. Vintage fabrics with colorful prints. Simpel hip hugging cut with zipper in the back.
This is fun to wear! Simple joy – just a skirt to lighten up your look :D like candy!
I collect ribbons as you probably know :) and have lined the edge on some of this skirts with cute vintage ribbons – the pink plaid skirt has a cool ribbon with hearts, which I think is a gift wrap string actually – but it can withstand the washing machine :D so it works…
Don’t you long for the sun now!! I know I do!
Inger Carina

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