Knitted Mittens in Ice Cream Colors

Mittens compleded (on a cafe table in Berlin) Spring 2011
Mittens finished (at a coffeehouse in Berlin) March 16 2011

Knitting Ice Cream Colored mittens for spring

Midi project: Thin gloves of scrap yarn. I mix all materials. Cotton, glitter yarn, wool, synthetic yarn – it’s the color that ”decide” :)
Have no pattern. I just knit free hand and make notes so I can make a second mitten exact as the first one. (But you mirror it.) Thin needles 2-3 mm.

Next step is knitting the thumb

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An Inspiring Trip to Berlin

U-Bahn Berlin. Photo: © Carina Bergholm Sundén
U-Bahn Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

I was in Berlin this week Thursday to Sunday). I love Berlin!

Graffiti paint shop in Prenzlauer berg, Berlin
Graffiti paint shop in Prenzlauer berg, Berlin

Tukadu Bead shop Mitte Berlin
Window display at Bead Shop Tukadu, Alle Shönhauser strasse, Mitte, Berlin

Tea Pot Beads at Tukadu Bead shop Mitte Berlin
Teapot-beads :) They also had the most lovely cake-beads!

beads fairies and bows
Trolls, fairies and bows….what more can you need? :) A perfect place!

Old beautiful hardware store in Prenzlauer berg
Old beautiful hardware store, Max Werk, in Prenzlauer berg at Greifenhagener Strasse.

Plastic pancakes displayed outside the pancake place
Plastic pancakes displayed outside the pancake place. Just like in Tokyo! Cute!

Frei = Free
Frei = Free

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Felted Toadstool Necklace

felted toadstool necklace

Mini project: Felted toadstool necklace.
Tested a technique I had never tried before – needle felting. It was sooo much fun! Really sculptural. Made some toadstools in various sizes and putt on a necklace chain. When I, quite happy looked at my new necklace, I saw to my horror that it didn’t look like a cool toadstool necklace at all, but as a chain with pacifiers on it! :D Oh nooo!

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Knitted Tea Glass Cozy

cup glass holder cozy

Mini project: Tea Glass Cozy.

I drink a lot of tea and like my tea hot. As you know, it is difficult to find the ultimate cup for drinking. I want a big cup but don’t like when the tea gets coold. A tall glass is best for me. Hot tea and glass is not a good combination for your hands… I knitted a little piece of ribbing in cheerful colors and voilá – it’s both practical and looks nice! :)

How to:
Double pointed needles 2-3 mm (0.79 – 1.18 inch)
Approx 44 cast on.
K2, P2 until it has the right height for jour cup, mug or glass of choice.

I love to mix and match so this is made of cotton yarn, wool yarn and pink neon colored nylon yarn. (I’m not at all orthodox with my materials. I mix natural fibers with synthetics all the time) :)


Earrings with letter beads

earring with letter beads Mimmi

Mini project: Earrings with my two daughter’s names Betty and Mimmi. Feels great to wear ”them” to work! One in each ear :)

earring with letter beads Betty

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Me Made March ’11

You already know about the Wardrobe Reform project (more info here) to make our own clothes as long as possible and not buy any new ones. Now Zoe over at ‘So, Zo…What do you know?’ started this really good project where you promise to actually USE your hand made things. So, during the month of March, I will use a hand made or remade garment or accessory every day. (I wear a scarf  every day in the cold :) that I knitted myself. But I will always wear another home-made item too!)

If you want to join in, just go to Zoe’s blog and sign up there! It will be lots of fun!
I post photos along the way :)
Kind regards,
Inger Carina

me made march