35th World Wide SketchCrawl

Sketch of floor hockey clubs. Water color and ink

Had a lovely day sketching out doors Saturday! Check out the SketchCrawl forum for all my fellow sketchers drawings! here

An inspiring trip to Prague

Dress with flower. Art Deco Museum Prauge

Went to Prague,  Czech Republic this weekend. Wonderful place!

Visited the Art Deco Museum and did all the tourist sights. The Art Deco Museum had a lot of nice textile, costumes and designs from the era. Don’t miss it!

Art Deco Bead sculprure. Detail Art Deco Museum Prague

This is a detail of a large center piece for a table! Spectacular! Beaded sculpture of three gardens representing spring, summer, fall and winter. Unfortunately my photos was too blurry :) This was the only good one.

Dress with yellow bow. Detail. Art Deco Museum Prague

Looove detail!

Embroidery on skirt. Detail. Art Deco Museum Prague

I bought a new mini watercolor box and a water brush.

Sketch, Water color and ink. Green iron fence. Prague 2012

Green iron fence at lunch break. Nad Štolou, Sparta.            Water color and ink

Crooked Staropramen water color and ink. Prague 2012

Crooked Staropramen beer :)
Water color and ink.

Sketch water color and ink. Pretzel table stand at pub. Prague 2012

Pretzel table stand at pub. Water color and ink.

Sketch Water color and ink, Prague 2012

All liquids in the bag for the flight. Water color and ink.

Necklace. Sketch water color and ink Prague 2012

Necklace. Water color and ink.

Sketch on the flight. Water color and ink Prague 2012

Sketching on the flight home. Water color and ink.

Buttons and lights in the ceiling. Flight home from Prague 2012. Water color and ink

Fast sketch. Buttons and lights in the ceiling. Flight home from Prague 2012. Water color and ink

Art work

Stills animated video by Carina Bergholm Sundén
Stills from some of my animated art-videos. Titles from top left: ”A spotless home”, ”EXIT”, ”A-manhole” and ”K-manhole”.

Because this blog is mostly about my craft & design pojects I haven’t talked so much about my art. I have a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. (The Sculpture deptartment.)
Until I had my kids I worked as an artist in my studio 50% of my time, after that maybe 5%. But it takes up A LOT of my thoughts! :) Lately I have been working more with my art projects again.
As an artist I’ve mostly worked with animated video-art but also with objects and installations. I have posted some of the pieces on this blog (for example here, here and here).

In January I got accepted as a member of the super cool Artist group, here in Sweden, called Fiber Art Sweden and I am very excited.

If you are curious about my work as an Artist you can check out some of my videos and my CV here and all the other artists here.
Videos also here on my YouTube channel.
Inger Carina

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International SketchCrawl

This weekend was the 30th International SketchCrawl It’s always so much fun!
The Stockholm-crew started out with a nice cup of tea at Classic Tea Room and after that we continued to The Museum of Natural History, sketching stuffed animals with nasty looking feet :)

My gallery-plugin is fighting me today so I’m using a default one that doen’t look so great. Sorry about that. If you want to look closer at the sketches just click on them for a larger view.

Se you soon!
Inger Carina

Sometimes I can see birds in there


Sometimes I can see birds in there.
I think about all the importence of ”feeding” the artist to be able to give to other people in your life. My art work tend to talk a lot about the struggle to run a life with work, family and being an artist at the same time :) I like the Swedish expression ”Kitchen sink realism” — This is my theme in all the Molys nowadays
The paper-part of this Moly has the programming language Php ”sentence”, a reminder of what I want…

If you click on this image you can see how the whole textile part of this Moly turned out so far. We continue to send it round the group and everyone is going to contribute with at least one more embroidery. This is a attempt to paste different images together so it’s not perfekt :)

Concept of "RadioVideo"

Watch a video with subtitles in English and listen to the Swedish voices and original sound. (YouTube)
Pencil & water color
You can download a TV-pod version to you phone /pencil & water color

Sorry I have been gone for such a long time!
I work at the most wonderful and inspirational place nowadays – I’m so sorry I haven’t had the time to craft at all. I still have all this projects going on though – in bags all over the apartment :)
Soon i will post some new Craft stuff – I’m for example working on an embroidered part of the Moly_X_project again. Other embroidered parts of that project here and here .

At the Radio where I work I have a project with Swedish Award wining radio documentaries that we have translated to English. It’s what we call ”RadioVideo”. They are very interesting and amazing You can listen/read to some of them on YouTube or at the Documentary Dept. English web site

I have been working on sketches to explain the concept.

Listen to the Swedish podcast with original sound and
simultaneously read an Enlish transcript. /pencil & water color
See you soon!
It’s springtime in Sweden!!
Inger Carina

21th International Sketchcrawl in Stockholm, January 10, 2009

Yesterday it was the 21th International SketchCrawl. We where a group of 10 ”Crawling” all day at Kulturhuset in Stockholm City . Sketchcrawling means that you meet up and sketch all day with some nice breaks for coffee and lunch. I had a great day! Thank you all! Next time we meet up at Arlanda Airport sketching my worst nightmare – aeroplanes…think I need a drink first :)


Left: Crane on top of a roof at Sergel’s Square, pencil. Drew over the spread….
Right: High-rise ”5th Hötorget building” with sculpture ”Crystal – vertical accent in glass and steel” by Edvin Öhrström in the front at Sergel’s Square, Stockholm City. Pencil & Stabilo marker.
Suddenly two men (or should I say dudes?) stod in my way talking very loud about the demonstration down at the square. First I wanted to ask them to move away a bit but their conversation was so ”crazy-great”…. -”the police violence in the 70′s ..bla bla The Cuba movement bla bla” I don’t think they had been awake since the 70′s actually
My sketch ended up a little crooked because they blocked my view.

You can see the others sketches at the Sketchcrawl forum soon.

Two Molys on Key- words & dreams

I post two Molys in one post – was on a roll :)

Keyboard dreams (Lotta’s Moly) & Keyboard Keywords (Lisa’s Moly)

Left: I don’t think I need to give you many hints of what this sketch is all about :) Working a lot nowadays……dreaming of other things. Is it textile or lettuce?? :)
Right: Since I’m on a roll with the keyboard keys. I zoomed in a bit and made my letters for Lisa’s Moly.

Notice that J has less keywords for me than the others…strange. But maby there are less words starting with J in Swedish.

Translation: J – juggle, hunted, me, aha?, work, compare, YES!, jumbo jet, java/coffee, jogging, baby talk, Japan, S:t Jacobi (highschool/college), Earth, damnit!, hurray, tricot(fabric), jeans?(haven’t worn any since 1998), fighter aircraft.
K – Coffee, cottage cheese, kiss, love, art, cookie dough, kids(children), driving licence, friend, career, money, maybe, capable, party, cross-stitch, cognitive, concept, catalyst, cramp, kitsch , cat.
L – read, Saturday, long, happiness, ridiculous, vivid, life, summer home, peace & quiet , fun, scarry, time of work, langett(stitch), lego, live, light, sound, lumen, temperament , learn.

If you want to check out our project please visit http://moleskinex16.blogspot.com/
and the project word wide at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/moly_x/


Moly project – Now with beaded sushi rice

My moly has two parts; one part with the normal paper to drew on and one part with a long piece of fabric to make something textile on. I have started with a comic type drawing of my ”not so glamorous week” with title: ”En diskbänksrealistisk vecka”.
If I translate this Swedish expression to English it would be close to: ”A kitchen-sink-realistic week” :)
Click on the image for a more detaild version!
There is one here with an English translation – Click on this little thumbnail > Sink_translatedMiniButton

Here is my embroidered image on the fabric part of my moly.

now with beaded sushi rice…

It turned out fat… I’m super curious what it’s going to look like when it comes back to me after my four other Moly_x_16 group friends has contributed their art in it!
More detail images on my flickr

I miss Paris

Working with a big web-project today. Took a break and visited my blog-roll favorites. Found this tip to add borders to your images (online service) at How about orange‘s delicious blog.

It’s a sketch I made in Paris of me & Birgitta as hedgehogs again :), also taking a break, at a café in Marait where we lived. I wish I was there now…..
Back with some more crafting without the computer soon! Se you later.. /Inger Carina