Angry Birds Easter Eggs

Angry Birds Easter eggs

Pigs from Angry Birds Easte eggs

This morning these guys had flown in from my daughters phone to make the breakfast more fun!

Happy Easter Everyone!


Inger Carina

Crafty Birthday Party

craft birthday party ballet skirts tulle

Me and my 8 year old daughter Betty got lots of ideas in Paris and decided that we should throw a craft party when she celebrated her birthday in the middle of February.

I made lots of tulle skirts in red and black and filled a large table with lots of materials from my stash. Ribbon, ball fringe, beads, plastic diamonds, jewelry parts from the 50′s, plastic flowers, Indian small mirrors, hairpins parts, brooch parts, mobile jewelry parts, felt flowers, felt leaves, glue,  everything I could thought about possible to make something with. It was just to go ahead and decorate skirts and make jewelry and brooches for dear life :)

We invited the whole families for food, cake, wine and goodies for all ages. The invitation said that the party was two hours long but after four hours everyone was still in full swing :) Even our youngest, Mimmi (3 years old), glued diamonds onto felt and I helped her sew so that it became hairpins.

I took Betty to a wedding shop in Paris run by the Tati department store chain (at metro Barbès Rochechouart). We bought a lot of fun beautiful fabric bags for the party candy and decorations for the table etc, which you normally use at weddings. Here they are – look at this shop! It’s a dream for a 8 year old :)

tulle ballet skirts
A mountain of red and black tulle ballet skirts ready to go! :)

decorating skirts craft birthday party

crafting galore

decorated tulle ballet skirt craft party
Beautiful result!!

Decorated tulle skirt

Skirt and a bracelet in glitter gold :)

I was soooo much fun! And all the parents said ”we need to have a craft-party only for grown-ups soon” and take all our sewing machines and such. I’m looking forward to it!

All the best!
and lots of crafting
Inger Carina

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