Sometimes I can see birds in there


Sometimes I can see birds in there.
I think about all the importence of ”feeding” the artist to be able to give to other people in your life. My art work tend to talk a lot about the struggle to run a life with work, family and being an artist at the same time :) I like the Swedish expression ”Kitchen sink realism” — This is my theme in all the Molys nowadays
The paper-part of this Moly has the programming language Php ”sentence”, a reminder of what I want…

If you click on this image you can see how the whole textile part of this Moly turned out so far. We continue to send it round the group and everyone is going to contribute with at least one more embroidery. This is a attempt to paste different images together so it’s not perfekt :)

Fall craft theme is Clothes ~ Make & Remake


Dear friends!
I have had a longer blog-brake due to too much work. I’ve got a new job with a project at a wonderful place with super creative and talented people. This was decided very fast so I had to work nights finishing all my freelance work (& I have two kids….)
Have been thinking every day about crafting though :)
And now I’m back. This fall I’m going to concentrate on clothing because I really love clothes and I fancy some new fun garments to wear! My plans are to both sew new stuff from scratch and remaking old and boring new clothes to wearable garments.
Started off with a little ”fixing the boring new dress”-crafting with embroidery. Drew some mushroom with bows (kitsch ), a cuckoo clock & a dear. Traced them with white tracing paper to the fabric of the plane button-down black dress from H&M – satin stitch with DMC thread.
A couple of mushrooms down the top and a couple more plus the cuckoo clock and the deer beside the buttons at the bottom of the skirt.
Didn’t manage to take any photos of the whole dress, It’s barely daylight here when I come home from work :)
Feels good to be back Crafting!
See you soon.
/Inger Carina


Moly project – Now with beaded sushi rice

My moly has two parts; one part with the normal paper to drew on and one part with a long piece of fabric to make something textile on. I have started with a comic type drawing of my ”not so glamorous week” with title: ”En diskbänksrealistisk vecka”.
If I translate this Swedish expression to English it would be close to: ”A kitchen-sink-realistic week” :)
Click on the image for a more detaild version!
There is one here with an English translation – Click on this little thumbnail > Sink_translatedMiniButton

Here is my embroidered image on the fabric part of my moly.

now with beaded sushi rice…

It turned out fat… I’m super curious what it’s going to look like when it comes back to me after my four other Moly_x_16 group friends has contributed their art in it!
More detail images on my flickr

I'm a ribbon junkie

LOVE ribbons! – especially vintage. Want to put ribbons on everything.
Tried to come up with new things to make with ribbon………….but only the same-old-same-old came to mind :)
Flowers, like they had on the rococo-dresses in the 1700′s. I want to make a copy of a dress like that sometime – and one for my 5 year old daughter too.
( :-D I saw a picture in my head of my chubby 10 months girl in one of thouse frilly dresses!)

Velvet ribbon makes great leaves!

Roses on a stem…

In the Crochet twilight-zone

- Sorry, your card was declined…
- Ok, take this and crochet me a beer please.
- There you go…
- Thanks, cheers mate!


Wardrobe Refashion #1

Made my first post over at Wardrobe Refashion today.
Mannequin is showing a tribute dress to a Golden Retriver dog named ‘Musse’. A boring yellow silk dress that I made in the 90′s and in a desperate need of some Wardrobe Refashioning. With some large wool cross-stitch of a dog’s wonderful face, it’s saved :-)

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Soft punch

Some years ago it was hard to ”make some noise” with textile in Sweden. During my Art University years we were a tiny group who worked alone. I am so happy that has changed now! It’s the comeback of textile – and ”with a vengeance” :-) I love it!

I’m so glad to be a part of this great community of crafters.
Found these pair of boxing-gloves that I did at Art University…. they speak for them self about how I felt back then :-)

Velvet boxing-glovers with traditional Swedish folklore embroidery. The stitch is from the province of Blekinge called Blekingestitch (Blekingesöm).