My new re-upholstered heart-chocolate rococo dream sofa!


Couldn’t wait until I got the chance to take a picture in daylight! I just had to post these rather yellow images of my newly re-upholstered sofa! I’m so excited. I had the fabric for several years and the rococo sofa was in really poor state – the fabric was torn and the stuffing was starting to spread in the apartment. I could never have dreamt that it would turn out this fabulous. I just screamed when I first saw it. It’s so yummy. Like a big Christmas candy in our livingroom.
I left it with a proper re-upholsterer and I would never had been able to save that old wreck on my own. Money well spent. They found stamps inside that said that it was made in Sweden 1700-late-something and that it was made for export. I only know that my grandparents got it sent from the Swedish embassy in Moscow in the 50th.

(The latitude of Stockolm makes it dark when I leave for work in the morning and dark when I come home – in the summertime it’s the opposite though which is nice)

A little domestic DIY for some spring feeling

Went to Dalarna and fetched Michael’s granma’s kitchen sofa – I put new fabric on it and painted it sometime in the early 90′s, which resulted in a blue sofa with checked blue/gray fabric. Nothing I like nowadays :)
With a stapelgun and a super cute pink floral oilcloth from Mingla design it took me 4 minutes to make our kitchen ready for spring

Voilà – Spring kitchen!