Crocheted moon landscape bag

Maybe you remember this post from November about my playing with 3D crochet. I did 24 squares and they have been lying here in a basket. Now I put them together and made a bag out of them, because I found these handles at a flea market. Put a Japanese cotton fabric in as lining.

Crocheted moon landscape

Finished bag. Approx 30 x 25 cm (12″ x 10″).
It’s based on a standard (a bit ”tweaked” & changed) granny square.
Japanese printed cotton fabric lining.

Not my colors though…. I need something extra colorful for spring. This is more suitable for the fall/winter collection.

Got some questions how I made this.
So this i my attempt to explain in English – bear with me:)
First & second row is crocheted with what we call velvet yarn. Third row some kind of Angora mega hairy yarn and the last row ordinary wool yarn.
To achieve the bulky effect and keep the work square I did as follows:
With velvet yarn I crocheted 5 double crochet in a group and took the hook out of the last chain. Then put the hook trough the top-chain of the groups first double crochet and put the last chain on the hook again. Pulled the yarn through it all to bind the top of all 5 of the double crochet’s tight together.
Hope it made some sense :)
Kind regards Inger Carina

Mmmmm thats more like it! Brilliant colors!

More my range of colors
Colorful grannies

My house is filled with this 4 to 6 piece patches – any suggestions what to make out of all the test-patches you produce during a crafting lifetime? :)

Micro craft project

You get some peculiar ideas while having a fever.. A Granny-square-charm for your charm bracelet. Crocheted in sewing machine thread from Gütermans – ultra thin…..
Like It’s going to stay sharp and nice and not roll up to a little dusty knot after only two days of use……. Thank you my friends for cheering me up with your comments!
Hope you all are well and healthy!
Kind regards from the cough in Stockholm

Mini craft project

Still in bed. Mini-crafted a crocheted bracelet for my wrist watch. Six mini granny squares, held together with sterling silver rings. Not very practical… but maybe cute.

Granny square rug Give away – last days to post

While I’m at the Gallery working with other things than crafting over the weekend, I would love if you entered my Give Away.
Just comment at the post about it before Sunday 00:00 o’clock the night to Monday (the 28th)this weekend. (Stockholm time).

My first Give Away!

First: Thank you
During the night I had my 3000nd visitor! It’s amazing THREE THOUSAND visitors, it blows my mind! I’m so happy for all of you that has visited me and all of you that has listed me in your blogrolls. Nice people posted my stuff on Makezine & Craftzine (great webMagz check them out) My flowers on a stem was in Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s largest morning paper) and my lovely brother did a shout out on his super funny blog (Swedish blog). Thank you all! I love that you helped me to make this connection with all you fellow crafters out there.

Then: Story
Went on vacation without a craft project – forgot my craft-bag – so I found this yummy thick paper gift-wrap string and a nr7(millimeter) crochet hook at the supermarket in Borlänge City. Vibrant colors. Love texture, so I crocheted standard granny squares and they have a great bulky feel. They turned out big, each is 22x22cm (approx 9×9 inch) with 4 rows. Put six together to make a carpet 68x45cm (27x18inch).

My first Give Away!

I will ship this carpet to you anywhere in the world. Just make a comment on this post before 00:00 (Stockholm time) the night to Monday 28th of January (I give it a little time because I’m not sure someone really wants it :-) If it’s more than one person posting, I use ”” to draw lots. You don’t have to formulate anything if you don’t want to – just post somewhere I can get a hold of you.
Don’t worry I won’t send you my worn floral folklore clogs :-) It’s just for the image. If you are interested in folklore as The Dalahorse and clogs like thischeck this site out.

Granny squares, with texture (1)

Working with granny squares and experimenting with the texture using different thicknesses and some effect yarns. This one became very bulky, but I like it. Will se what I do with it later… have crocheted 24 so maybe a bag.

Visit my friend Annas knittingblog at My knit sensations, she has the most fabulous color sense!