Colorful Skirt Parade

Colorful Slirt Parade

It turnes out that I have a particular fondness for the same garment but in different prints ! :)
Here is a clothes line from this summer with a colorful skirt parade.

Colorful prints, skirts on a clothing line
I made them all out of 100% cotton. Vintage fabrics with colorful prints. Simpel hip hugging cut with zipper in the back.
This is fun to wear! Simple joy – just a skirt to lighten up your look :D like candy!
I collect ribbons as you probably know :) and have lined the edge on some of this skirts with cute vintage ribbons – the pink plaid skirt has a cool ribbon with hearts, which I think is a gift wrap string actually – but it can withstand the washing machine :D so it works…
Don’t you long for the sun now!! I know I do!
Inger Carina

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Black dress with winding yellow flowers

Black and yellow floral dress

Black dress with winding yellow flowers. Cotton/nylon blend. This dress is the most everyday-like and I use it very often. The first dress I made was a brown with a small riding helmet-print. It’s fun to choose the prints, the dresses get all so different expressions :)

I’m about to cut a new bundle of dresses but I will come back to them later here in the blog.

Black and yellow floral dress belt

See you soon!
Inger Carina

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Formula 1 Dress

F1 Formula 1 Dress

Dress with Formula 1 print. 100% cotton. This is my absout favorite! I get a lot of comments from people for the funny print. :)

F1 Formula 1 Dress belt

Detail of the belt buckle, use a punch and eyelets to make the holes.

Formula 1 F1 dress print

Detail of the Formula 1 print. This makes me want to draw my own prints again!

Read more about my Summer Dress Galore sewing in this post :)

Me and the girls in Hollywood LA, summer 2010
Me, in the Formula 1-dress, and my girls (in LA Lakers cheerleading outfits :D) overlooking Hollywood and Down Town LA, summer 2010
Inger Carina

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Red polka dotted dress

Red dotted dress

The polka dotted dress.  100% cotton fabric. I love the little bows so I put them on everything now : )

red dotted dress belt

Belt detail. Vintage belt buckle and I use a punch and eyelets to make durable holes.
Me in the red ploka dot dress :)Hi! This is me, feeling festive in my Polkadot dress! Image from the premiere listening of the Radio play by The Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Illosa ”Aunt Julia and the Author” now in December 2010.

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Summer Dress Galore

Summer Dresses Galore

Oh I just love this dress model!!! If you remember I cut up an old dress and I changed the pattern a bit. Did so it has a higher waist and added bows and a belt. This model fits my figure and I just love it! This summer I made  a total of five dresses in different fabrics. It’s so interesting to see that even though they are made after the same dress pattern as do the various fabrics that they are completely different in ”feeling”.

Dress Belt zoom

I have a large stash of material as you probably know by now :) and have collected lots of belt buckles, buttons, haberdashery, etc. It is always ”in my stash” where I start a project – to be inspired and see what fits together. I combine carefully buckles and fabrics to make it yummy.

Stay tuned! I’m going to post all the dresses one by one with detail photos :)
Inger Carina

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Winter skirt

Winter skrit with zipper at the waist

It’s so coold here. The Winter seems to come early and stay long this year :) I always wear a skirt so I had to make a winter skirt to put on top of it when I’m going out. Just a straight model with a zipper at the waist and at the bottom, (so I can walk). :)

zipper down at the knee so I can walk :)

Happy Holidays everyone!
/Inger Carina


The Panties Challenge!

I challenged my friends over at  Garderobs Reformen / The Wardrobe Reform last week to make undergarments. It was really difficult and I had to struggle a lot. In the end I made two pair of panties. They look kind of cute but the polka dot pair are not comfortable at all :) Non elastic fabric was not at good idea but I liked the 50′s feel of it.
I drew a pattern from a pair that fit well and I experimented in different materials. Folded the hem (around the legs and at the waist,) put the soft elastic under and used the zigzag from the front side of the fabric to fasten the elasitc.
Pink and white polka dot panties with yellow jersey sides

GarderobsreformenUndergarment challenge

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New Wardrobe reform ReFashion project

Garderobsreformen / Wardrobe Reform
I loved the Wardrobe Refashion project that now unfortunately has come to an end.
We are a group of crafters that started a new one on a blog called Garderobsreformen and that means Wardrobe Reform in Swedish. Under the sewing machine in the logo above it says ”Zero Consumption of clothing” which is the goal :)

The idea is to stop buying clothes and stuff you wear, for as long as you can manage. And  only make new clothes from old ones or from you stash, and sharing your result & process on the blog. See the fun challenge and join in! If you want to join us just e-mail your e-mail address and the url to your web site/blog (if you have one) to and start blogging!

But I’m going to buy nylons! haha, they are really really difficult to make! :D

I have a large stash of fabric, yarn and a lot of old clothes. It’s garments I have inherited, found at fleemarkets over the years and new pieces I never wear because they are horrendous. Now I challenge myself to make stylish nice things that I can use at my work place and at partys out of all this.

Fabric and yarn stash
From my stash

Beads and trinkets stash

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Rose bouquet with winding crocheted Ivy

I lost my dad the 5th of March 2010. I wanted to make a funeral decoration myself. I was his only child and I got my crafting skills from him. I made this bouquet of fabric Roses with crocheted leaves and long winding Ivy.Roses and winding Ivy

I’m working on a tutorial with patterns and all the pieces :) If you want to make one like it yourself.
See you soon! :)

/Inger Carina

Do ReDo Refashion project: ragged old dress

ragged-dress-with-boatsDo you have a dress that you just loved (wore) to pieces? I’ve worn this dress a lot – A LOT! : -) It has turned to rags… I have a body that often don’t fit in dresses from the rack. Found a super wonderful and talented Swedish designer – Jenny Hellström – and all her dresses fitted me like a glove. AND it was all in my taste – everything! Bought a dress form every season. I’m sad to say her wonderful fashion line went busted! Bankrupt in the finance crisis! OH NO! What to do?
I cut up my absolut favorite dress, altered it a bit (like put a zipper in the side instead of buttons. Widened the skirt in the bottom to get more of an A-line skirt instead of the straight skirt that would have been difficult to walk in when I skipped the side buttons that was functioning as a slit) Used some old plastic mini belt buckles to make cute bows to replace the ribbons & made a belt with a vintage green plastic belt buckle, matching the tiny riding helmet pattern on the fabric (brown background color). new-dress-with-ponyhats.-zoom-boow


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