Dress project – cuckoo clocks & chicken pox prints

EgnaTygMonsterLeft: It actually looks exactly like them – the cartoon kids :) Right: Cuckoo-clock parade

I guess you all know about Spoonflower by now. But if you don’t – you have to visit them and start making your own prints! They have started their print-on-demand shop now and it’s open for everyone. I was one of the lucky to be in the test group so I have already ordered two of my prints. I’m so excited because I have a lot of DREAM PRINTS in my head that I will never find in the shops and now I can make them!
My next Fashion project will be two dresses out of my prints. The beige one is a sketch of my girls when the had chicken pox. It’s fun because if you see the print from a distance it looks like a kind of floral striped pattern – when you come closer you see the chicken-pox-girls :)
The Cuckoo clock fabric has always been a dream print for me but I have never found something like it anywhere – until now. (it’s the same clock from the dress embroidery)
Can’t wait to put the scissors in it. Unfortunately I have to start making the pattern for the dresses – pattern making is a bit time consuming… but it’s more fun if you get EXACT the dress you want.


Fall craft theme is Clothes ~ Make & Remake


Dear friends!
I have had a longer blog-brake due to too much work. I’ve got a new job with a project at a wonderful place with super creative and talented people. This was decided very fast so I had to work nights finishing all my freelance work (& I have two kids….)
Have been thinking every day about crafting though :)
And now I’m back. This fall I’m going to concentrate on clothing because I really love clothes and I fancy some new fun garments to wear! My plans are to both sew new stuff from scratch and remaking old and boring new clothes to wearable garments.
Started off with a little ”fixing the boring new dress”-crafting with embroidery. Drew some mushroom with bows (kitsch ), a cuckoo clock & a dear. Traced them with white tracing paper to the fabric of the plane button-down black dress from H&M – satin stitch with DMC thread.
A couple of mushrooms down the top and a couple more plus the cuckoo clock and the deer beside the buttons at the bottom of the skirt.
Didn’t manage to take any photos of the whole dress, It’s barely daylight here when I come home from work :)
Feels good to be back Crafting!
See you soon.
/Inger Carina


Custom made flightcase sewing/work box

A little bit of DIY & remake.
Took a custom made smaller flightcase, normally used for fragile music equipment when you travel on tour.
Very good for my purpose! It has a padded interior.

Covered the foam with a colorful fabric. Used textile glue to make the fabric stick to the surface on the bottom part of the box.

Covered buttons in the lid.

Voilá – new sewing box! Heavy duty on the outside & cute on the inside :)

Making the stuff in your home your own style

Sometimes you don’t want the stuff for children (or other products) they sell in the stores because it has A LOT OF strange prints that you don’t like :)
My quick tip for today is: Unpick the seams, save ribbons with buckles, elastic ribbons etc cut out new fabric from the pieces and sew it all back together again in a fabric that you like.


Maybe you have a nice fabric — make a remake.


A pram for the dolls and a bouncy seat that I’ve made new fabric for that suits better with our style & taste.

Wardrobe Refashion #1

Made my first post over at Wardrobe Refashion today.
Mannequin is showing a tribute dress to a Golden Retriver dog named ‘Musse’. A boring yellow silk dress that I made in the 90′s and in a desperate need of some Wardrobe Refashioning. With some large wool cross-stitch of a dog’s wonderful face, it’s saved :-)

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Wardrobe Refashion

I took a pledge with Wardrobe Refashion for 6 months. I rarely buy anything anyway:-) It’s fun to try it and maybe make some odd stuff like knitted wool pantyhose, shoes and things you usually don’t make for oneself. I hade to buy a stash of nylons though..

I’m mostly going to ”Redo” instead of making from scratch (shoes for example). Redo is very fun – take old ugly stuff and make it beautiful.
You can read the plede here.