Art work

Stills animated video by Carina Bergholm Sundén
Stills from some of my animated art-videos. Titles from top left: ”A spotless home”, ”EXIT”, ”A-manhole” and ”K-manhole”.

Because this blog is mostly about my craft & design pojects I haven’t talked so much about my art. I have a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. (The Sculpture deptartment.)
Until I had my kids I worked as an artist in my studio 50% of my time, after that maybe 5%. But it takes up A LOT of my thoughts! :) Lately I have been working more with my art projects again.
As an artist I’ve mostly worked with animated video-art but also with objects and installations. I have posted some of the pieces on this blog (for example here, here and here).

In January I got accepted as a member of the super cool Artist group, here in Sweden, called Fiber Art Sweden and I am very excited.

If you are curious about my work as an Artist you can check out some of my videos and my CV here and all the other artists here.
Videos also here on my YouTube channel.
Inger Carina

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Vacation in my summer home on the island Öland.
I’m going to bake large cakes, cupcakes and pies for my kids, make me some coffee and sit on the porch. I’m also going to bulid me a studio in the garden. Heavy duty DIY with flooring, walls and everything :)
Think I will manage some occational crafting, so I will post a few times I hope.
Soon my new Moly-project post.
Would love to make something new for starch it! :)
Otherwise I see you all in August!
Have a lovely lovely summer!
Inger Carina

Sorry, I didn't mean to disappear

Hello! I’m still alive :)
Unfortunately I have to many things to do right now.. But I’m working on two mini craft projects – hope to finish and post them this week. (floral USB-stick)

Hope everyone is having a good time in the summer weather!

Inger Carina

Sold our beloved retro pram this week – goodbye farewell lovely pram! – go and nurse a new cute baby.

Exhibition – A state of content

If you are in the Stockholm area please come by and visit this exhibition at Gallery Operatingplace at PUB floor 3.  I’m Carina Bergholm Sundén (alias Inger Carina) :-)

Gallery Operatingplace
New Exhibition fr 29 maj – 23 juli


Marianne Lindberg De Geer
Carina Bergholm Sundén
Lukas Göthman
Vanna Bowles
Helena Mutanen
Peter Svedberg
Heinrich Müllner
Filippa Barkman
Marcus Bjernerup
Hanna Beling
Lars Hammarström
Kjartan Slettemark
Tanja Malo

Opening Thursday May 29, 17-20 GalleriyOperatingplace, PUBs floor 3, Hötorget, Stockholm. Other days open Mon-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-17, Sun 11-17.
Gallery Operatingplace
PUB Floor 03

Moving my studio. It's Craft Chaos!

I’m moving to a new studio this week. It’s very exciting, but it’s also A LOT of work cleaning up and putting everything in boxes. Right now it’s a total chaos here.
I am a big collector – fabric, beads, patterns from the 50′s-80′s etc. I Love to pat my piles of fabric like pets :) this is one of my favorite shelfs with vintage colorful prints (and some new with the same ”graphic feel” from for example IKEA)

When you clean up and go through all the stuff it’s like an archeological (is that a word?) field survey. You make finds – like my collection of vintage aprons! Hadn’t seen them in a while and I got really inspired from their cuteness.
I will make a photo presentation of them later for you all, so you also kan enjoy them :)

Blue Guy's visit to Stockholm

If you want to see the images from Blue Guy’s adventures in Stockholm, Working Mom Knits has posted them over at her blog. These pictures was taken when it still was the warmest winter in 250 years. Stockholm in the spring! Now it’s a normal winter, but to late. Brrr. It took us 10 hours to drive home 400km yesterday (normally 4-5h) Nearly had to stay over night in Norrköping because of the traffic/snow chaos.

This vacation I brought some Craft projects. Happy Easter!

We are at our summer home on the beautiful island Öland, south east (400km) of Stockholm. This vacation I didn’t forget to bring some craft projects. When we came yesterday it was spring and nice. But now it’s a snowstorm !(?).

I have so much to do right now. I'm sorry.

Hello my friends. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything lately but I have so much to do right now. I start to see the end of it now so I hope to be able to Craft in a couple of days.
Thank you all for checking in on me!
Wish I could craft………… sooooon
Kind regards
Inger Carina

Today Blue Guy arrived

Today Blue Guy arrived to spend some time, on his world travels, with our family here in Stockholm. He is a friend of TLG, the son of Working Mom Knits and lives in Maryland USA. He is made by WMK’s talented friend Kate.
He brought wonderful gifts, lovely yarn, curly wool in my favorite greens, yummy handmade buttons , honey in a beautiful bottle and a cute lovely card. I’m so excited! :-)

No crafting today – I've got the influenza