The winner is Allison!

For it to be fair and (granny)square I used and the winner is Allison.
Thank you all for participating !
It was fun, must do it again sometime :-)

Hello Craft Lovers!


Couldn’t resist to make some custom pacifiers at (languages at that site: Swedish, English, German & Danish).

Took approximately 50 photos, but all of them were out of focus because she tried to grab the camera all the time.

Second owl – is this a start on a collection?

Today this little guy came to our home with the post . He is a Christmas gift from my work associates over at Swedish Marketing Federation.

Is this a sign that I shall start a collection?

To cramped in pen case – must make a new one


Couldn’t close the pen case today – made a new larger one out of an old dress. Love this fabric.

For lining I used oil-cloth which is very good with ink pens and stuff that leaks occasionally.

Bicycle helmet with Bling

Was playing around with tutorials for Photoshop. I go to Good-Tutorials sometimes just for fun and found this Bling-what-you-want-tutorial. Decided to try it on my bicycle helmet.

Merry Christmas! meet Christmas banana…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!
Just had a blast decorating my bright red plastic Christmas tree with friends & family. This image shows one of my favorite Christmas ornaments, Christmas banana (?). I’m also the proud owner of Christmas -corn, -melon, chili, -hockeyplayer and of course you must have your Las Vegas wedding picture, mounted on a red shell, in the tree.

Bags for little party girls

Came across these photos that I’ve taken of two bags that my 4,5 year old daughter designed (I sewed) for her friends birthdays this year. Loves the way she picked the different beads an decided were they should go and the way she choosed to combine letter-beads with gold/pink/turquoise lace is just fabulous. I want one for myself.

Can you go over the top with Christmas?

Today my big bright RED plastic Christmas tree arrived. I’m so happy! Hurray! I will post a photo when it’s all dolled up and kitsch-fantastic.

Wallpockets – excellent storage

Wallpockets out of vintage cotton fabric and transparent plastic pockets with ribbons from my stash. Wallpockets are my favorite storage in the wardrobes for all the little things lying around everywhere.
They where very difficult to photograph with all the glitter&shine.

Easy now…….easy..

The Christmas Extravaganza was great! The SewJunta ”Les femmes tricoteuses” where all there, Anna from My Knit sensations and many more.

Annika Huett the author of ”Cross-stitch in a new way” (only in Swedish unfortunately) kindly gave us embroiderymaterial, thread & needle and we all started with our cross-stitching. All the girls are so lovely, I just embroidered away talking and having coffee. It ended, of course, with that I got my embroidery neatly sewed to my pantyhose (!?) Sadly this is not the first time… :-D
Annika’s book takes the traditional old-sayings-cross-stitch to a new and very funny level. I started one of hers that was saying ”nice and easy” but due to the stocking-incident I only got ‘easy’ done and ended it with an exclamation mark :-)