Me Made March ’11

You already know about the Wardrobe Reform project (more info here) to make our own clothes as long as possible and not buy any new ones. Now Zoe over at ‘So, Zo…What do you know?’ started this really good project where you promise to actually USE your hand made things. So, during the month of March, I will use a hand made or remade garment or accessory every day. (I wear a scarf  every day in the cold :) that I knitted myself. But I will always wear another home-made item too!)

If you want to join in, just go to Zoe’s blog and sign up there! It will be lots of fun!
I post photos along the way :)
Kind regards,
Inger Carina

me made march

Art work

Stills animated video by Carina Bergholm Sundén
Stills from some of my animated art-videos. Titles from top left: ”A spotless home”, ”EXIT”, ”A-manhole” and ”K-manhole”.

Because this blog is mostly about my craft & design pojects I haven’t talked so much about my art. I have a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. (The Sculpture deptartment.)
Until I had my kids I worked as an artist in my studio 50% of my time, after that maybe 5%. But it takes up A LOT of my thoughts! :) Lately I have been working more with my art projects again.
As an artist I’ve mostly worked with animated video-art but also with objects and installations. I have posted some of the pieces on this blog (for example here, here and here).

In January I got accepted as a member of the super cool Artist group, here in Sweden, called Fiber Art Sweden and I am very excited.

If you are curious about my work as an Artist you can check out some of my videos and my CV here and all the other artists here.
Videos also here on my YouTube channel.
Inger Carina

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Crafty Birthday Party

craft birthday party ballet skirts tulle

Me and my 8 year old daughter Betty got lots of ideas in Paris and decided that we should throw a craft party when she celebrated her birthday in the middle of February.

I made lots of tulle skirts in red and black and filled a large table with lots of materials from my stash. Ribbon, ball fringe, beads, plastic diamonds, jewelry parts from the 50′s, plastic flowers, Indian small mirrors, hairpins parts, brooch parts, mobile jewelry parts, felt flowers, felt leaves, glue,  everything I could thought about possible to make something with. It was just to go ahead and decorate skirts and make jewelry and brooches for dear life :)

We invited the whole families for food, cake, wine and goodies for all ages. The invitation said that the party was two hours long but after four hours everyone was still in full swing :) Even our youngest, Mimmi (3 years old), glued diamonds onto felt and I helped her sew so that it became hairpins.

I took Betty to a wedding shop in Paris run by the Tati department store chain (at metro Barbès Rochechouart). We bought a lot of fun beautiful fabric bags for the party candy and decorations for the table etc, which you normally use at weddings. Here they are – look at this shop! It’s a dream for a 8 year old :)

tulle ballet skirts
A mountain of red and black tulle ballet skirts ready to go! :)

decorating skirts craft birthday party

crafting galore

decorated tulle ballet skirt craft party
Beautiful result!!

Decorated tulle skirt

Skirt and a bracelet in glitter gold :)

I was soooo much fun! And all the parents said ”we need to have a craft-party only for grown-ups soon” and take all our sewing machines and such. I’m looking forward to it!

All the best!
and lots of crafting
Inger Carina

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An inspiring trip to Paris!

Paris view
Me and my oldest daughter got a trip to Paris from my husband for Christmas. Wow what a gift! We went in January, and had great fun. Paris was a bit cold but it was nothing in comparison with back home in Sweden :)
During our four days there we did lots of fun stuff. We went shopping of course:) and visited museeums. It was an incredible fashion exhibition that showed high fashion (haute couture) from Year 1990-2010 at Musee de la Mode et Textile at the Louvre. Amazing garments from among others, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano & Vivien Westwood. I was not allowed to take photos inside the exhibition… sorry.

tulle dress paris inspiration

macarons in Paris

We took photos of shop windows with wonderful tulle dresses and got really inspired to work with tulle and Betty my daughter wanted ballet skirts i all colours :) When we got home I bought 40 meter tulle and made her and her friends a craft birthday party! But that is a hole own post fore later.

Ispiration dress tulle paris
feather boa paris inspiration
Oops, I sneake-took a jewel photo at the Louvre….sorry

I had a art studio scholarship in Paris 2001 so I always miss one of my favorite cities :) I found two short mentions in my blog here and here in this blog from back in the days. :)

À bientôt!
/Inger Carina

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International SketchCrawl

This weekend was the 30th International SketchCrawl It’s always so much fun!
The Stockholm-crew started out with a nice cup of tea at Classic Tea Room and after that we continued to The Museum of Natural History, sketching stuffed animals with nasty looking feet :)

My gallery-plugin is fighting me today so I’m using a default one that doen’t look so great. Sorry about that. If you want to look closer at the sketches just click on them for a larger view.

Se you soon!
Inger Carina

Colorful Skirt Parade

Colorful Slirt Parade

It turnes out that I have a particular fondness for the same garment but in different prints ! :)
Here is a clothes line from this summer with a colorful skirt parade.

Colorful prints, skirts on a clothing line
I made them all out of 100% cotton. Vintage fabrics with colorful prints. Simpel hip hugging cut with zipper in the back.
This is fun to wear! Simple joy – just a skirt to lighten up your look :D like candy!
I collect ribbons as you probably know :) and have lined the edge on some of this skirts with cute vintage ribbons – the pink plaid skirt has a cool ribbon with hearts, which I think is a gift wrap string actually – but it can withstand the washing machine :D so it works…
Don’t you long for the sun now!! I know I do!
Inger Carina

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Quick knitted shawl to match my bag

knitted scarf to match the bag

Still freezing outside! A very very quick knitted shawl that matches my vintage bag.

I used needles 15 mm (19 US size), a very thick wool yarn, it’s 15 stitches plain knits (UK/US stocking stitch?) with a border of moss stitch.  It took only a couple of hours to make. :)
Voilá new warm shawl!

Your coold friend from the north :)
Inger Carina

Black dress with winding yellow flowers

Black and yellow floral dress

Black dress with winding yellow flowers. Cotton/nylon blend. This dress is the most everyday-like and I use it very often. The first dress I made was a brown with a small riding helmet-print. It’s fun to choose the prints, the dresses get all so different expressions :)

I’m about to cut a new bundle of dresses but I will come back to them later here in the blog.

Black and yellow floral dress belt

See you soon!
Inger Carina

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Doll Dress for Grown-ups

Doll dress for a grown-up :)

Felt the need for a doll’s dress! The combination with blue sleeves and the blue piece in the neck makes it look a bit like a Dirndl dress. I have a great fondness for all Tyrol! (cuckoo clock makes me weak in the knees) And ” Kitchen” Plaid never feels wrong :)

The belt is held in place by a loop with a flower made out of a vintage plastic jewelry part, a crocheted leaf of wool and a little orange cotton pompom. It works as a little brooch. I wash all the dresses without belts.

Doll dress belt

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Formula 1 Dress

F1 Formula 1 Dress

Dress with Formula 1 print. 100% cotton. This is my absout favorite! I get a lot of comments from people for the funny print. :)

F1 Formula 1 Dress belt

Detail of the belt buckle, use a punch and eyelets to make the holes.

Formula 1 F1 dress print

Detail of the Formula 1 print. This makes me want to draw my own prints again!

Read more about my Summer Dress Galore sewing in this post :)

Me and the girls in Hollywood LA, summer 2010
Me, in the Formula 1-dress, and my girls (in LA Lakers cheerleading outfits :D) overlooking Hollywood and Down Town LA, summer 2010
Inger Carina

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