Crocheted wallpaper continues

Continuing the task to try to crochet something that resembles my beloved bedroom wallpaper. I went agains my principles, to not buy new material (have to much already in stock) and bought two new colors that are closer to the ones on the wall than the ones I had in my stash. Getting closer now. It starts to look a little bit like the wallpaper .
The snow reflects the sunshine so the colors becomes very vibrant in the image. Took it outside on this sunny ”winter”(!?) day at Öland.


Scary wallpaper-crochet

Update on crocheted wallpaper project:
OH NOOO! This is getting really scary! The colors just don’t translate well from the wall to cotton yarn. It looked so good when the yarn wasn’t crocheted – but now it’s hideous.
(it’s even worse in this blue-tint Swedish winter non-proper-daylight image)
These wool yarns looks much better! Going with this yarn/color-sample to the local yarn store tomorrow and see if they have something in cotton in these colors.
I give this project one more chance – if it failes – it’s ”in-the-cupboard-under-some-other-scaryprojectstuff” and forget about it.


A project for a nightowl – crocheted wallpaper

I adore bright colored patterns (and I like to mix them). In the back you see my beloved bedroom wallpaper. A flea market find from Amsterdam. It’s a vintage kitchen wallpaper, presumably from the 60′s or 70′s. It is my favorit pattern of all. Suddenly I thougt it looked little like a crocheted old-fashioned beadspread – and then that night was spoiled:-) I had to make a test. Traced it and made a sketch, found the right colored yarn in my boxes and started to crochet after the traced flowers.

This is how far I came with the project for now. I’m not sure if I like the big flower. Going to try a couple of other ways to solv it, less three-dimetional.