More Loom flower Daisies

I don’t know where I’m going with this experiment yet.  Made small Daisies out of thick wool yarn (Lovikka). This yarn is normally used for really heavy winter mittens.
I like them better without the green border.
On to the next! See you soon!


No more gLoomy days! It’s spring!

Have been thinking hard about what to do with the loom flower project I wanted to start. Sketching about it. Nothing felt right. Until I did this sketch. This is a typical Inger project isn’t it? Fun to make but makes no sense at all.
Can I pull this off, wearing this swim cap? Can you see me at the beach this summer? :-D
I love Daisies. They are so sweet looking. Had a couple of rolls of plastic ribbon (don’t know the word for this product in english). Made a test and it was so much fun! Ended up with a little pile of plastic Daisies.



This makes me SOOO happy!!! Look at this cap! I love it. Have to buy a green swimsuit :-D.


Who wants to explore the universe of LOOM-flowers with me?

I have seen this flowers, made with something called a loom-plate, in several craft books from the 70′s. It looks fantastic an I want to try it out. I’m wondering if enyone else want to discover the loom-flower-technique with me? If you want to join in or if you already are working with this technique, I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email or comment here and we can start exploring this together.
I would love to get some tips on where to find out more about these flowers.
Image source: Virka nr 12, Model by: Carin Rehn, ISBN 91-552-0938-6 SEMIC förlags AB (Swedish crochet magazine form the 70′s)

Couldn’t find any loom-plates that had movable pegs so I’m going to start experimenting with this knitting-loom. I will post my trial & errors here in my blog. I’m very curious about yours too. :-)