Merry Christmas! meet Christmas banana…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!
Just had a blast decorating my bright red plastic Christmas tree with friends & family. This image shows one of my favorite Christmas ornaments, Christmas banana (?). I’m also the proud owner of Christmas -corn, -melon, chili, -hockeyplayer and of course you must have your Las Vegas wedding picture, mounted on a red shell, in the tree.

The Christmas "gift of the year"

”The gift of the year” became homemade hangers of wire and beads. Not plastic 50′s jewelry as I thought before. I really hope that my mom isn’t reading this before tomorrow now :-)
(In Sweden we celebrate on Christmas Eve, the 24th).

I’d love to make a templet & description and post as a PDF here, if you want to try and make one. Just leave a comment here if you are interested and I will fix a tutorial right away.
We made some tiny ones for Barbie as well! Have fun :-)

Thank you for your interest in my hanger-pattern. /Kind regards Inger.
Hanger tutorial pdf printable version (1,64Mb) and a screen version (pdf, 87Kb)

Bags for little party girls

Came across these photos that I’ve taken of two bags that my 4,5 year old daughter designed (I sewed) for her friends birthdays this year. Loves the way she picked the different beads an decided were they should go and the way she choosed to combine letter-beads with gold/pink/turquoise lace is just fabulous. I want one for myself.

Christmas shopping & Café at Mingla Design

As you already know I’m a freelance webdesigner/programmer. Made a new Christmas front page for Mingla Design yesterday, with a late invitation to their ultra cool Christmas shop with Café in their showroom every Friday until Christmas.
They are selling both Mingla stuff and from other desingers.

So, if you are in the Stockholm area on Friday, drop by at Hälsingegatan 12 and have a glögg (traditional warm wine drink with seasoning) or coffee and find the last minute gifts.
The Mingla design site is the ‘mother ship’ of all the sites that I have made. It’s huge and contains a lot of information and great images. Visit the temporary Christmas-version website and admire all the beautiful textiles & trays that they make.
Information on the first page is in Swedish but the rest of the site is in English. You need Flashplayer to be able to see the site.

Wardrobe Refashion #1

Made my first post over at Wardrobe Refashion today.
Mannequin is showing a tribute dress to a Golden Retriver dog named ‘Musse’. A boring yellow silk dress that I made in the 90′s and in a desperate need of some Wardrobe Refashioning. With some large wool cross-stitch of a dog’s wonderful face, it’s saved :-)

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Can you go over the top with Christmas?

Today my big bright RED plastic Christmas tree arrived. I’m so happy! Hurray! I will post a photo when it’s all dolled up and kitsch-fantastic.

This loveable guy moved in to our house

Look at this guy! He is fabulous! It’s a birthday gift from my friend who is a designer at Tough Love Design.

Soft punch

Some years ago it was hard to ”make some noise” with textile in Sweden. During my Art University years we were a tiny group who worked alone. I am so happy that has changed now! It’s the comeback of textile – and ”with a vengeance” :-) I love it!

I’m so glad to be a part of this great community of crafters.
Found these pair of boxing-gloves that I did at Art University…. they speak for them self about how I felt back then :-)

Velvet boxing-glovers with traditional Swedish folklore embroidery. The stitch is from the province of Blekinge called Blekingestitch (Blekingesöm).

Floral necklace

My old friend ”Mosquito” had her big birthdaybash yesterday. Made her a necklace out of vintage jewelry-parts from my stash. It became a bit ‘Hawaii in the 50′s’….I long for the summer..

UFO sightings

Today’s UFO-sighting (UnFinished Object. Anna’s expression) is this pair of socks that had only the threads to fix – but at last – They are done!