Winter skirt

Winter skrit with zipper at the waist

It’s so coold here. The Winter seems to come early and stay long this year :) I always wear a skirt so I had to make a winter skirt to put on top of it when I’m going out. Just a straight model with a zipper at the waist and at the bottom, (so I can walk). :)

zipper down at the knee so I can walk :)

Happy Holidays everyone!
/Inger Carina


Crocheted Christmas decorations

Crocheted Christmas ornament

My Christmas tree fell over last year and a lot of the ornaments got smashed in the fall :)
I took some transparent glass balls and crocheted around them. I was able to crochet approx 2/3 of the ball before I had to put the ball in to the work. Then it became a little more difficult to crochet  – I had to make up the pattern as I went along to fit the ball. One silver, one peach, one turquoise and one bright pink ball for my new white plastic Christmas tree!!

Crocheted Christmas ornament zoom with needle

Mrs Santas Clothing line

Isn’t this the cutest EVER!! It’s Mrs Santas clothing line made by my friend Lisa at Tough Love Design.

She also made this Barbie Arm Christmas tree decoration! It’s so funny! I love it!

Barbie Arm Ornament

Merry Merry Christmas!!
Inger Carina

Crocheted Christmas ornament

Crocheted Christmas Decorations
For this image I used a Retro Camera app to my Iphone.

The Panties Challenge!

I challenged my friends over at  Garderobs Reformen / The Wardrobe Reform last week to make undergarments. It was really difficult and I had to struggle a lot. In the end I made two pair of panties. They look kind of cute but the polka dot pair are not comfortable at all :) Non elastic fabric was not at good idea but I liked the 50′s feel of it.
I drew a pattern from a pair that fit well and I experimented in different materials. Folded the hem (around the legs and at the waist,) put the soft elastic under and used the zigzag from the front side of the fabric to fasten the elasitc.
Pink and white polka dot panties with yellow jersey sides

GarderobsreformenUndergarment challenge

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