Crocheted Ipad Cozy

Crocheted Ipad cozy with flowers

The cozy is filet crocheted in white with some effect ”blobs” in bright colors. And a Apple inc. ”apple” in yellow on the back where the apple is placed on the Ipad. I added some crocheted flowers and leafs as well.

crocheted back of the Ipad

Wanted to use spring-colors so the scrap looked like candy! love it!

I used the iPad as a template and traced it on the translucent paper. Then I pinned the front and back panels so that they got exactly the template form. Sprayed with a little water and let it dry.

pin to the right shape

The apple did not ”want” to get the right shape so I had to mix sugar and water into starch and drip on. First, I pinned it so that the apple got the right shape. When sugar-water dries it becomes very hard and keep the shape for long.

starch with sugar water

The next step was to crochet double crochet(dc) around the edge. And leave holes where all the buttons and sockets are.
Then I sewed the two pieces together.

Double crochet around the edge


needles zoom and back zoom

crochet Ipad cozy