Quick knitted shawl to match my bag

knitted scarf to match the bag

Still freezing outside! A very very quick knitted shawl that matches my vintage bag.

I used needles 15 mm (19 US size), a very thick wool yarn, it’s 15 stitches plain knits (UK/US stocking stitch?) with a border of moss stitch.  It took only a couple of hours to make. :)
Voilá new warm shawl!

Your coold friend from the north :)
Inger Carina

Doll Dress for Grown-ups

Doll dress for a grown-up :)

Felt the need for a doll’s dress! The combination with blue sleeves and the blue piece in the neck makes it look a bit like a Dirndl dress. I have a great fondness for all Tyrol! (cuckoo clock makes me weak in the knees) And ” Kitchen” Plaid never feels wrong :)

The belt is held in place by a loop with a flower made out of a vintage plastic jewelry part, a crocheted leaf of wool and a little orange cotton pompom. It works as a little brooch. I wash all the dresses without belts.

Doll dress belt

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