Oscar night

I’m really tired today. Was up all night watching the Oscars (since Sweden time is 9hours before LA time the show started at 2:30 in the morning and ended around 6 o’clock!).
Proud to say Swedish Per Hallberg won for sound editing! He is originally from the island Öland where we have our summer home.

”Inger 30+” also went to the Oscars…..
Inger 30+ at the Oscars, pencil & collage
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Crocheted ATM-machine kept falling over


Cotton yarn, starched with sugarwater

This is the full size (approx 80cm, 32″) TV/VHS-player & video cassette that I started with when I did the VHS piece I posted the other day. In the end I only used the cassette on its own. It’s a much better piece without the TV/player. But this showes the level of my filet crochet period. I think this theme was my warm concern for old ladies in this technique developed society or something like that.
My 70 years old friend Birgitta always wanted me to go with her to the ATM – so I crocheted a full size ATM-machine (cash machine). But it kept falling over all the time so I never showed it. At the top of the crochet madness :-) I even recall asking my brothers girlfriend (now wife) if I could use her car (?) as a mold for a filetcrochet Car…..
At that time my right arm started to feel like it was melting so I put the hook away :-)
Couldn’t find any pics of the ATM-machine. Found this sketch I did of me and Birgitta when we had our Art-studio scholarships at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris 2001. I’m the hedgehog on the left with the colorful sneakers :-)

Hedgehogs at the cash machine, ink & Copic marker. Paris 2001

Long time no see AND "You Make My Day Awards."

ingerDietOh no, ”Beach 2008″ project has started again…..

Flue update
The entire family takes turns with this illness :-) and the children got the required followup sicknesses like ear inflammation. All leads to penicillin and NO sleep at night. Everything sums up to me not crafting at all…… but I’m soon back with the hook :-)

Now over to the You Make My Day Awards
It’s a blog contest where you nominate your 5 favorite blogs.
This is the rules:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make your day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners that they’ve won by commenting on their blogs.

My nominations are:
1. The winner is Nina Johansson!!! She has a wonderful sketch blog and I have visited her everyday for the last two years. Definitely check her out – don’t forget her archives! It will blow your mind.
2. Suzanne Buchanan’s sketch blog An (open) sketch book also a wonderful and talented sketch blog! You all now I love it already :-)
3. Alice’s craft blog futuregirl. This blog makes your day if you love crafting. She has the most wonderful sense for everything; design, colors, ideas and she has a lot of great technique tutorials in her archives.
4. Another GREAT sketch blog is by Gabi Campanario. This is GOLD for inspiration and he is so generous with his work process and I sketch much more on the bus and in cafés nowadays. Ispired by Gabi :-)
5. My blog-visiting ALL started (2004/2005) on slow days at my work at the gallery by lurking Anthony Zierhut’s sketchblog about his daily life and work as a storyboard artist in Hollywood. Super inspiring!

I want to nominate you all my fellow bloggers!!! You are all great and inspiring.
If you now Swedish, check my brother Schyffert’s blog out and the owner of Marias Yarn Shop Marias Garnhändelser! Great knitting and funny stuff.

Back to work (only 3 days)

I work part time at a big Gallery in town. Thursday & the weekend I am going back for a ‘guest appearance’ (I’m on maternity leave now) to work at the yearly BIG Spring exhibition. We are expecting over 1000 visitors. I’ve been working with this for some years now – people can drive you crazy :)
If you are interested in the comic format – this is my comic-website where some of my comics are posted.

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First post. It's my Birthday!

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This is my first post. I want to get it done before midnight because it’s my birthday today.
Big 40.
Now I have to change the name of my comic.