Felted Toadstool Necklace

felted toadstool necklace

Mini project: Felted toadstool necklace.
Tested a technique I had never tried before – needle felting. It was sooo much fun! Really sculptural. Made some toadstools in various sizes and putt on a necklace chain. When I, quite happy looked at my new necklace, I saw to my horror that it didn’t look like a cool toadstool necklace at all, but as a chain with pacifiers on it! :D Oh nooo!

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Earrings with letter beads

earring with letter beads Mimmi

Mini project: Earrings with my two daughter’s names Betty and Mimmi. Feels great to wear ”them” to work! One in each ear :)

earring with letter beads Betty

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