Knitted Mittens in Ice Cream Colors

Mittens compleded (on a cafe table in Berlin) Spring 2011
Mittens finished (at a coffeehouse in Berlin) March 16 2011

Knitting Ice Cream Colored mittens for spring

Midi project: Thin gloves of scrap yarn. I mix all materials. Cotton, glitter yarn, wool, synthetic yarn – it’s the color that ”decide” :)
Have no pattern. I just knit free hand and make notes so I can make a second mitten exact as the first one. (But you mirror it.) Thin needles 2-3 mm.

Next step is knitting the thumb

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Knitted Tea Glass Cozy

cup glass holder cozy

Mini project: Tea Glass Cozy.

I drink a lot of tea and like my tea hot. As you know, it is difficult to find the ultimate cup for drinking. I want a big cup but don’t like when the tea gets coold. A tall glass is best for me. Hot tea and glass is not a good combination for your hands… I knitted a little piece of ribbing in cheerful colors and voilá – it’s both practical and looks nice! :)

How to:
Double pointed needles 2-3 mm (0.79 – 1.18 inch)
Approx 44 cast on.
K2, P2 until it has the right height for jour cup, mug or glass of choice.

I love to mix and match so this is made of cotton yarn, wool yarn and pink neon colored nylon yarn. (I’m not at all orthodox with my materials. I mix natural fibers with synthetics all the time) :)


Quick knitted shawl to match my bag

knitted scarf to match the bag

Still freezing outside! A very very quick knitted shawl that matches my vintage bag.

I used needles 15 mm (19 US size), a very thick wool yarn, it’s 15 stitches plain knits (UK/US stocking stitch?) with a border of moss stitch.  It took only a couple of hours to make. :)
Voilá new warm shawl!

Your coold friend from the north :)
Inger Carina

UFO sightings

Today’s UFO-sighting (UnFinished Object. Anna’s expression) is this pair of socks that had only the threads to fix – but at last – They are done!



Rally knitted rally mittens

They said on the weather channel -”It’s going to start snowing”. Oh no, I had to rally knit a pair of mittens for my husband and crochet a cap for my daughter.

Haven’t knitted mittens for many years and didn’t have a pattern, had to invent along the way. Second mitten was all about counting and comparing with the first one. Knitted while talking all day first at a café with my friends, later with the parents at my daughters gymnastics training and while watching TV at night. Really late last night when I looked down on the finished pair of mittens I saw with horror ……..two right hand mittens…….. just to rip and start over…

Finished Rally knitted Rally mittens – now with one for each hand :-)