Happy new Craftyear 2009! Ending this year with my flea market find from the Christmas trip up north.

Must say that I would have liked to craft more this year – It began okay the first 6 months when I still was on maternity leave and had time on my hands :) Unfortunately, after I began working again I didn’t have the same possibility to craft. – I hate not having a craft project on my mind. This new year of 2009 I have to make a plan to be able to craft more again. Maybe I can book a meeting with my self in my calendar and write ”Craft-meeting with Carina 6 hours” :)
It’s a good idea actually. More meetings with your own creativity – taking it seriously.
I wish you all a

And thanks for all your encourageing comments and all your own inspiring work on all your great blogs!

rodaSkor1 copy

Flea market find à la 65 Swedish kronor (approx. $8,4 or 6€)….mmmm….. red shoes MY FAVORITE.
This makes me want to do leather crafting – have all the tools but it was such a long time ago I workt with leather. Hm, maybe a project for 2009 :)
Big hugs and lots of love

Inger Carina


Wizard of Oz-fabric & Print-on-demand textile

Fabric shopping on the net at a break from my BIG studio swap. Everything took SOO much more time than I expected. Off course – things like this does.
The movers are coming on Tuesday and my new desk and other things are deliverd to the new studio, from IKEA, on Monday. Now all my craft supplies are in boxes so I did som inspiration-surfing in the webshops:
The Wizard of Oz photo fabrics!
Dorothyprints from Karen’s shop Anna Lena’s , Long Beach USA. This print is so lovely and superfun! Bought one more Oz-pattern. You can see that one by clicking on the image below with all the fabrics on. Found a bunch of SUPER CUTE small-printed fabric from Japan at Nuno. I couldn’t stop myself. Prints like this gives me inspiration to stay up at night makeing my own patterns with Illustrator :-)

I have been looking for a company that makes print-on-demand fabric printing. Found one (First2Print) but when I calculated on the price it turned out to be REALLY expensive, like $800 for 5meters or something like that. Found another one in Spain (DigitalTextile). Haven’t contacted them about their prices yet. I will continue looking. Have done a lot of handprinting but now I would like to order my prints from somebody.
I would love to hear if you have any tips on this subject ! :-)
Kind Regards /Inger Carina

If you like vitage craft you have to visit this blog!

You just have to visit Cathy of California‘s blog! She is posting images from the funniest vintage 50-70′s craftbooks I have ever seen!! :-D
She is also heavy in to loom flowers. It’s a great blog!

Long time no see AND "You Make My Day Awards."

ingerDietOh no, ”Beach 2008″ project has started again…..

Flue update
The entire family takes turns with this illness :-) and the children got the required followup sicknesses like ear inflammation. All leads to penicillin and NO sleep at night. Everything sums up to me not crafting at all…… but I’m soon back with the hook :-)

Now over to the You Make My Day Awards
It’s a blog contest where you nominate your 5 favorite blogs.
This is the rules:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make your day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners that they’ve won by commenting on their blogs.

My nominations are:
1. The winner is Nina Johansson!!! She has a wonderful sketch blog and I have visited her everyday for the last two years. Definitely check her out – don’t forget her archives! It will blow your mind.
2. Suzanne Buchanan’s sketch blog An (open) sketch book also a wonderful and talented sketch blog! You all now I love it already :-)
3. Alice’s craft blog futuregirl. This blog makes your day if you love crafting. She has the most wonderful sense for everything; design, colors, ideas and she has a lot of great technique tutorials in her archives.
4. Another GREAT sketch blog is by Gabi Campanario. This is GOLD for inspiration and he is so generous with his work process and I sketch much more on the bus and in cafés nowadays. Ispired by Gabi :-)
5. My blog-visiting ALL started (2004/2005) on slow days at my work at the gallery by lurking Anthony Zierhut’s sketchblog about his daily life and work as a storyboard artist in Hollywood. Super inspiring!

I want to nominate you all my fellow bloggers!!! You are all great and inspiring.
If you now Swedish, check my brother Schyffert’s blog out and the owner of Marias Yarn Shop Marias Garnhändelser! Great knitting and funny stuff.

I'm also a WINNER!

I won the Valentine give away over at Suzannes An open (sketch) book ! Talking about cheering you up! This arrived in the mail and it made my day! Thanks Suzanne!
Check out her FANTASTIC blog! She is a supertalented designer and artist.

Who wants to explore the universe of LOOM-flowers with me?

I have seen this flowers, made with something called a loom-plate, in several craft books from the 70′s. It looks fantastic an I want to try it out. I’m wondering if enyone else want to discover the loom-flower-technique with me? If you want to join in or if you already are working with this technique, I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email or comment here and we can start exploring this together.
I would love to get some tips on where to find out more about these flowers.
Image source: Virka nr 12, Model by: Carin Rehn, ISBN 91-552-0938-6 SEMIC förlags AB (Swedish crochet magazine form the 70′s)

Couldn’t find any loom-plates that had movable pegs so I’m going to start experimenting with this knitting-loom. I will post my trial & errors here in my blog. I’m very curious about yours too. :-)


Christmas shopping & Café at Mingla Design

As you already know I’m a freelance webdesigner/programmer. Made a new Christmas front page for Mingla Design yesterday, with a late invitation to their ultra cool Christmas shop with Café in their showroom every Friday until Christmas.
They are selling both Mingla stuff and from other desingers.

So, if you are in the Stockholm area on Friday, drop by at Hälsingegatan 12 and have a glögg (traditional warm wine drink with seasoning) or coffee and find the last minute gifts.
The Mingla design site is the ‘mother ship’ of all the sites that I have made. It’s huge and contains a lot of information and great images. Visit the temporary Christmas-version website and admire all the beautiful textiles & trays that they make.
Information on the first page is in Swedish but the rest of the site is in English. You need Flashplayer to be able to see the site.

This loveable guy moved in to our house

Look at this guy! He is fabulous! It’s a birthday gift from my friend who is a designer at Tough Love Design.