Sunday afternoon in the studio

Left: The view from my studio window. Right:
Colorful goodie bag

It’s not often these days that I’m entirely on my own. I’m on maternity leave (most days of the week) with our second girl now 10 months. She is with me in the studio but she is the impatient type and doesn’t let me work much :)
Yesterday I went to the studio by myself for a couple of hours. Brought a bag of goodies (old colorful vintage finds that has been hanging in the wardrobe for a while) – maybe I could make something with it…
Have a lot of Copic markers that I love to use all the time while sketching – I needed something to bring them in, going back and forth from home to my studio. Cut up one of the blouses and made a pouch out of it. My small digital camera also got a cozy from a nuno-fabric.
I used a super good tutorial from Three bears for the pouches!

Left: Copic marker & digital camera Cozys.  Right: All of them actually fit inside.
I love my Copics!

I love my stash!

At last, I’m done moving in to my new studio! I’ve decided – Wednesdays is textile craft day! Hopefully this will result in MUCH more postings with new craftprojects here. See you soon.

I know — to many images of material and no crafting :) But just a few more photos today because it’s like a candy shop here :-) mmmmm.