Crocheted moon landscape bag

Maybe you remember this post from November about my playing with 3D crochet. I did 24 squares and they have been lying here in a basket. Now I put them together and made a bag out of them, because I found these handles at a flea market. Put a Japanese cotton fabric in as lining.

Crocheted moon landscape

Finished bag. Approx 30 x 25 cm (12″ x 10″).
It’s based on a standard (a bit ”tweaked” & changed) granny square.
Japanese printed cotton fabric lining.

Not my colors though…. I need something extra colorful for spring. This is more suitable for the fall/winter collection.

Got some questions how I made this.
So this i my attempt to explain in English – bear with me:)
First & second row is crocheted with what we call velvet yarn. Third row some kind of Angora mega hairy yarn and the last row ordinary wool yarn.
To achieve the bulky effect and keep the work square I did as follows:
With velvet yarn I crocheted 5 double crochet in a group and took the hook out of the last chain. Then put the hook trough the top-chain of the groups first double crochet and put the last chain on the hook again. Pulled the yarn through it all to bind the top of all 5 of the double crochet’s tight together.
Hope it made some sense :)
Kind regards Inger Carina

The Christmas "gift of the year"

”The gift of the year” became homemade hangers of wire and beads. Not plastic 50′s jewelry as I thought before. I really hope that my mom isn’t reading this before tomorrow now :-)
(In Sweden we celebrate on Christmas Eve, the 24th).

I’d love to make a templet & description and post as a PDF here, if you want to try and make one. Just leave a comment here if you are interested and I will fix a tutorial right away.
We made some tiny ones for Barbie as well! Have fun :-)

Thank you for your interest in my hanger-pattern. /Kind regards Inger.
Hanger tutorial pdf printable version (1,64Mb) and a screen version (pdf, 87Kb)

Glamour for cold feet at kindergarten

The autumn is slowly getting colder here. Kindergarten is located in an old beautiful building. Only one flaw… draught… Crocheted these slippers for tomorrows games.

The flower is built up of standard leafs sewed on one-by-one (point out) and a ball, cut from a ball-ribbon, in the middle. Anti slip á la glamour with soles of metallic gold yarn.
Flower petal: chain of 7 turn, 2ch, 3dc, 2sc, 1sl st, 1ch, turn and crochet back on the ”underside” of the chain; 1sl st, 2sc, 4dc, last 1 sl st in the first ch. Leaf: same but with chain of 10. (=7dc).